Heartsaver Entrepreneur Instructor Course
Heartsaver Entrepreneur Instructor Course

Heartsaver Entrepreneur Instructor Course

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This course is designed for anyone with little or no medical background who desire to become an American Heart Association (AHA) CPR Instructor. Or, for employers who desire to have On-site CPR Instructors to train their employees. Upon successful completion, the instructor receives the AHA Heartsaver Instructor Certification valid for two years, and a complete training kit for teaching up to six students per class (see details below).

Three simple steps to completion:

  1. Complete the online Heartsaver Instructor Essential (email certificate to the instructor)
  2. Attend the 8-hour in-class portion 
  3. Give a portion of a Heartsaver CPR Course while being monitored by Faculty Instructor.

 Course Learn Objectives include:

  1. AHA Instructor Network website navigation 
  2. Lesson Plan Review
  3. Student testing procedures
  4. Instructional programs used for instruction
  5. Program Administration Manual (AHA Policies and Procedures)
  6. The written test includes: Instructor Essentials, CPR Adult, Child, and Infant, First aid
  7. Skills test includes: CPR Adult, Child, Infant, selected First aid procedures

AHA Heartsaver Instructors are certified to teach the following Courses:

  1. Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  2. Heartsaver CPR AED
  3. Heartsaver First Aid
  4. Heartsaver Skills Only
  5. Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED
  6. Heartsaver Bloodborne 
  7. Heartsaver Hands-Only CPR

Who requires this Training:

  • Educators,
  • Daycares employees,
  • After school programs,
  • Headstart employees,
  • Industries and factory workers,
  • Anyone desiring to become CPR certified to name a few.

No need to ask:

  • Which manikins should I buy?
  • What supplies and equipment do I need?
  • What should I charge?
  • How much does all this cost?

After your 8-hour Instructor Course, you'll depart with the "Done for You" Training Kit which includes:

AHA Instructor Certification for 1/montoring included

Prestan Adult Manikins w/Feedback

Prestan Infant Mankins w/Feedback

Prestan Child Manikin w/Feedback

Prestan 4 Pack AEDs

HeartSaver Instructor Course 

HeartSaver Instructor Manual

Reusable Training Valves

Face Barrier Mask Adult 

Face Barrier Mask Infant

Bandage Gauge

Epi Trainers

Box of Glove

Personal Pocket Masks

Even Embroided Instructor Polo Shirts

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